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AA Media Services is specialized in mobile internet traffic management. Based in Switzerland, we are active in all major European markets. We are working with publishers as well as advertisers to build up long-term cooperation's and business models. We develop innovative value added services for the mobile phones.

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."
Albert Einstein

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Mobile Affiliate Programs
Monetize your mobile traffic with AA Media. AA Media, the trusted name in mobile affiliate programs. We offer a wide variety of program in all major European markets. Fastest payouts, real time analytics and higest conversion rates in the market. Interested? Please contact us today and start tomorrow.
Mobile Ad Server Solutions
AA Media has developed a unique Adserver focusing solely on mobile devices. Steer and control complex ad campaings and get the needed results real time. Convincing technology for your advertisement success. Huge inventory and detailed reporting based on user agent.
Mobile Payment Connectivity
AA Media has several mobile payment connectivities in Europe. A fast and easy payment solution that charges the enduser over the operator invoice. Our unique know how guarantees the most effective and smart billing prozess to reach high conversion rates.
Mobile Marketing and Concepts
AA Media has a huge experience in mobile Marketing. We are working in this business sector for over fifteen years.
What we offer:
Strategy Consulting: Definition and consulting in how to set up your mobile and internet promotions. Interactive Experience: Planning and leading of electronic marketing promotions. Technology Consulting: Selection and definition of the right technology for your enterprise with the goal to reach your targets most efficient.

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